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Chris Heider is an ecologist with a background in analytical chemistry specializing in ecosystem-level processes, specifically forestry and other vegetation mechanisms for carbon offsets, climate change mitigation, water quality, the quantification of ecosystem services, and the effects of land uses on natural resources.

Chris is known for his technical expertise in quantifying and future modeling of: C sequestration in a range of ecosystems, riparian habitat conditions & functions, water quality issues related to vegetative interactions (LWD, shade, nutrients), and disturbance-related interactions with landscapes (flooding, landslides, climate change, fire, forest insects & disease, and other linkages).

Chris has extensive on-the-ground and project management experience with a keen focus in bringing ecosystem services -- or the benefits that ecosystem processes bring to the human and natural world -- to the business and environmental forefront in this new century economy. Chris has 15 years of experience working throughout the Pacific Northwest (USA), Latin America and the tropical Pacific.

Experience Highlights

Carbon Sequestration, Assessment & Climate Change. For 12 years, Chris has worked throughout Latin America and the Pacific Islands to quantify biomass, carbon and nutrient pools in a range of ecosystems. He has developed models to quantify the change in C and nutrient pools over time, particularly related to land uses. His current focus is in developing early model REDD projects with multinational groups with a focus to implement C sequestration projects that provide a diverse range of ecosystem services (REDD = Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degredation in Developing Countries). Read more about Carbon & Climate Change projects.

Natural Resource (Ecosystem) Services: Carbon, Water Quality, Fisheries Habitat, Watershed Health. Chris has applied a range of technical and organizational methods to quantify and score a range of ecosystem services for forest, coastal, island, riverine, urban, pre-development, and targeted restoration sites. These have been applied at multiple spatial scales, including at the site, reach, watershed, regional and state levels. Click for more information and examples.

Watershed Assessment, Project Design & NEPA Compliance . Chris has served in the capacity of Project Manager, Technical Lead, and Ecologist to complete numerous watershed assessments in the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on quantifying the upland and riparian vegetation resources, disturbance patterns, and land-management goals. Work has been focused on forestry issues, restoration/ enhancement of stream functions, and land use management. Select project history can be found here.

On-line Tools & Technologies. Chris has worked with key partners to develop highly effective on-line tools for collecting, storing, and processing natural resource information for broad and focused audiences. Uses of specialized webpages, SQL databases, and GIS applications provide clients and working groups with ease-of-use applications for working with natural resource data. More about on-line tools and database technologies.