Increased access through online tools Online Tools to Increase Efficiencies, Data Delivery, and Client Access

Online Tools in Natural Resource Management

To meet project demands and increase efficiencies, Chris has worked with key partners in the development of online tools, including SQL databases, wiki-style information sharing, and other means to provide clients with on-demand data organization and search functions. The following examples are stand-alone projects, though it is typical to incorporate such tools into most projects, for internal and external uses. Chris is also a co-owner a secure online server that hosts multiple websites and online applications.

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Klamath Basin Metadata Online Database. Watershed Initiatives/ NOAA Fisheries, Arcata, CA. Project Duration: 2/2008 - 3/2009 (Ongoing). Project Manager & lead developer. In response to the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, Chris designed and implemented on-line database tool for Basin natural resource specialists (Federal, State, Tribes, private) to provide basic information about data that is potentially suitable for long-term monitoring. The tool involves integration of a MySQL database server with a secure and user-friendly method for data input. The anticipated outcomes include a dynamic tool for stakeholder collaboration for use in monitoring. Click here for background and here for a link to online survey instructions (the database is password protected, but the outline instructions are available). Click for screenshot of data input image.

Watershed Explorer. Ficus Ventures -- Internal Marketing Project. Project Duration: 2/2008 - (ongoing). Co-leader for a web-based data delivery system for internal and client delivery. The system is designed to apply spatial GIS data with source data collected in the field, including photographs, using platforms that are supported by Google Earth and other spatial search technologies. The system is also designed to be a repository for stakeholder engagement to readily contribute to the knowledgebase, where appropriate. The project is housed on a secure server and is under development. Click here for example screenshot.

iLevel 4-D Performance. iLevel by Weyerhaueser, Boise, Idaho. Project duration: 2/2008 to 3/2008. Provided a national dataset of climate potentials and hazards (precipitation, snow load, windspeeds) for use in a database to best match specialty-building products with the ranges of natural conditions. Click for a screenshot of the data output.